What does 3 3lc mean in knitting?

What does W3 mean in knitting?

W3. (wrap 3 stitches) with yarn held at back of work, slip next 3 sts to cn and hold at front of work.

What does C5L mean in knitting?

C5L (cable 5 left) – slip 3 onto CN, hold in front, p2, k3 from CN; creates a left-sloping cable.

What does T6B mean in knitting?

T6B = Slip next 3 stitches onto a cable needle and leave at back of work.

What does k0 mean in knitting?

In patterns that include various sizes, zeros are sometimes necessary. For example, k0 (0,1) means if you are making the smallest or middle size, you would do nothing, and if you are making the largest size, you would k1.

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