What does Sashiko stitching look like?

How long is a Sashiko stitch?

Sashiko thread tends to fray so use lengths of thread no longer than 20-24” long. Tip: The thread pulls more smoothly and tangles less if it is threaded so you are pulling with the twist instead of against it as you stitch.

Do you use a hoop with Sashiko?

The Materials. There are four key materials to sashiko – needle, thread, thimble and fabric. As you’ll see, no embroidery hoop is necessary, which makes sashiko a very portable craft.

Is Sashiko difficult?

Sashiko is a form of simple hand stitching developed in Japan. It is relatively easy to start, and we can keep enjoying its meditative stitching in various way. Here is top 5 Sashiko Tips to make your Sashiko experience much more comfortable and your Sashiko stitching results more beautiful.

Can I use regular thread for sashiko?

Traditionally sashiko is done with white cotton thread on indigo dyed fabric, however you can choose any colour of thread and fabric you want. With a sashiko machine, you can even do more than just decorative stitching! You’ll want to choose a medium weight thread as the sashiko machine will double up the stitches.

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