What does thread through remaining stitches mean?

What is the running thread in knitting?

You’ll notice a horizontal strand of yarn, called the running thread, connecting the first stitch on each needle. You use the running thread to make the new stitch. The increased stitch will be a twisted stitch that crosses to the right or to the left and leaves no little hole.

What are REM stitches?

Rem sts. This is an abbreviation for remaining stitches and indicates how many stitches you should have on your knitting needle. … Usually you will see ‘rem sts’ indicated at the end of a row that has included an increase or decrease stitch.

What does B&T in knitting mean?

# B&T tightly – break off yarn leaving along end, thread it through stitches left on needle, pull up to gather tightly and fasten off. # B&T loosely – means same as above, but thread yarn through stitches loosely and leave until later on.

What is breaking yarn in knitting?

It means that you can cut the working yarn now since you won’t be using it from that position anymore.

What is a stitch section?

A stitch section defines an object in terms of how it should translate to stitches. In addition to defining a stitchable shape, stitch sections include many settable parameters including thread color (called “needle”), stitch density, stitch types (there are many kinds), entry and exit points.

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What does P0 mean in knitting?

YOUR ANSWER. P0 does usually mean purl 0 and sometimes occurs in patterns with multiple sizes. The numbers are right in the pattern. This bit “PO (P1; P2; P1, K1, P1)” gives different instructions for each of the sizes.