What is a bramble stitch?

What is a Trinity stitch?

White. Trinity stitch is one common name for a stitch that is also sometimes called a cluster stitch, bramble stitch, raspberry stitch, or blackberry stitch. Whatever you call it, it is formed by working multiple stitches into one stitch, then decreasing the same number of stitches.

How do you knit a Blackberry stitch in the round?

Blackberry Stitch, aka Trinity Stitch, in the Round

  1. Row 1: Purl all stitches.
  2. Row 2: *k3tog, (p1, k1, p1) into the next stitch; rep from * to end.
  3. Row 3: Purl all stitches.
  4. Row 4: *(p1, k1, p1) into the next stitch, k3tog; rep from * to end.

Is the Raspberry stitch reversible?

Non-Reversible Knit Stitch Pattern.

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