What is bespoke in tailoring?

What is the difference between tailor made and bespoke?

The tailor considers everything from the arch of the back and shape of the leg to traditional measurements. Bespoke tailors have many fittings over the course of two months as the garment is created. The tailor wants to make sure the garment fits the clients vision and that the fit is as precise as possible.

What is bespoke fabric?

Bespoke garments are cut and made by hand. The design and pattern of the garment (or outfit) is created entirely from scratch so it is completely unique to the customer. … Bespoke garments are more expensive, as they take longer to make by hand and the fabrics are often more luxurious due to greater choice.

How do you pick a bespoke tailor?

Here is some advice on purchasing a custom or bespoke suit.

  1. 1.) Be confident with your choice. …
  2. 2.) Know what you want. …
  3. 3.) Simplify. …
  4. 4.) Flatter your shape. …
  5. 5.) Consider the fabric in relationship to time of year. …
  6. 6.) Skip the trends. …
  7. 7.) Don’t dry clean too often. …
  8. 8.) Get a great hanger.

What is female tailor called?

Tailoress meaning

(dated) A female tailor.

How do you use the word bespoke?

suits made by a bespoke tailor. Bespoke products or services have been specially made or designed for a particular person or type of customer. …a bespoke suit. We’ve designed a bespoke itinerary for the first-time visitor.

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Does bespoke mean custom made?

Bespoke means custom-made—made based on the specifications of the person ordering it, as in a bespoke suit. It can also be used to describe a person or company that makes such things, as in bespoke tailor.

Where did bespoke come from?

The word bespoke is derived from the verb bespeak, meaning to “speak for something”. The particular meaning of the verb form is first cited from 1583 and given in the Oxford English Dictionary: “to speak for, to arrange for, engage beforehand: to ‘order’ (goods)”. And as such the phrase crept into the tailor’s lexicon.

Is indochino better than SuitSupply?

Again, quality really comes in just a bit below SuitSupply. The suit feels just a tiny bit less substantial, and the fabric just a tiny bit less rich. … So, if SuitSupply will run you about $500 or so, Indochino would be about a $450 suit — but you can get them for below $350.