What is MJS yarn?

What is MJS polyester?

MJS Spun, also known as poly spun, is made from 100% polyester yarns, but you wouldn’t know it from touching or looking at it. This polyester spun fabric is made to resemble and feel like cotton. It is 7.2oz with a soil release finish making it perfect for hospitality, special events, tablecloths and apparel.

What is MVS yarn?

MVS yarn provides better moisture-absorbent aspect and faster drying rate than ring spun yarns. A dry touch of the yarn is ideal for sports and active wears as well. We produce a various kinds of MVS yarns such. as combed cotton yarn, carded cotton yarn, blended yarn, neppy yarn, and synthetic yarn.

What is the meaning of spinning vortex?

“VORTEX® spinning” is a technology which uses an air vortex to spin out the yarn. Fibers formed by these air flows possess a unique structure, and this provides the yarn with a wide range of functionalities.

What is yarn designation?

Yarn Designation

The factors or parameters which are required to express the yarn structure and properties are called yarn designation.

What is wet spinning in textile?

Wet spinning is applied to polymers which do not melt and dissolve only in non-volatile or thermally unstable solvents. In this process, the polymer is dissolved in a suitable solvent, and the solution is extruded through a spinnerene to a liquid bath containing low molecular weight chemicals.

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What is Airjet?

Air jets are used to create enough air movement inside the room to circulate and mix the whole room air.

How does air jet loom works?

In an air-jet loom, yarn is pulled from the supply package, and the measuring disc removes a length of yarn of the width of fabric being woven. … At the end of the insertion cycle, the clamp closes, the yarn is beaten in and cut, and the shed is closed. The jets are electronically controlled, with an integrated database.