What is Mochi Bharat embroidery?

What is Mochi embroidery?

The Mochi community, comprising of around 1,500 artisans practice the Aari embroidery, also known as Mochi Bharat or the Cobbler’s stitch. This type of embroidery is worked with a cobbler needle, which is a kind of hook needle, locally called ‘aar’.

Which material used for Mochi Bharat Kutch embroidery?

29-41 Page 2 Mochi embroidery is accomplished with the use of an awl-like tool called an “arhi”. The surface materials are silk, mashru (a woven cloth of one pick cotton and one pick silk), broadcloth, satin (known as gaji), or canvas.

What is Kutch embroidery called?

The embroidery of the Kutch region of Gujarat is world-renowned for its microscopic nature in the most attractive colours. Termed as ‘Kutchi Bharat’ or Kutchi embroidery, it has eight different types of embroidery styles.

Where is embroidery believed to have originated?

While embroidery is practiced across the world, its origin stems from China and the Near East. Early embroidery can actually be traced back to Cro-Magnon days or 30,000 B.C. Archeological finds from this time period reveals fossilized remains of heavily hand-stitched and decorated clothing.

What is Kashmiri embroidery?

Kashmiri embroidery, which is also called Kashida embroidery, is a type of needlework from the Kashmir region of India. This is one of the most beautiful forms of embroidery in the country, distinguished by its use of a single long stitch to make the design.

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Which state is famous for Kanchi embroidery?

An Indian state famous for kachchi embroidery is Gujarat. The tribals residing at the Kutch district of Gujarat has this special form of art where they make kachchi textile handicrafts. This kind of embroidery is very famous all over India, where the fabrics are done on cotton, satin and silk.

What is the other name of famous Kashmir embroidery?

501-1907. Kashmir embroidery is one of the most famous styles of decorated needlework from the Indian subcontinent.It originates from the Jammu and Kashmir region of the northwestern part of South Asia It is also known as Kashida embroidery.

What is Sindhi Taropa?

The Sindhi Taropa denotes the interlacing stitch embroidery– the basic structure which is first built up with the use of long thread stitches into the surface and entire structure being built up thereafter by looping these threads, the overall effect produced is geometrical; floral patterns or figures, whatever is …

Which city is famous for embroidery in India?

The present form of chikan (meaning elegant patterns on fabric) work is associated with the city of Lucknow, in Uttar Pradesh. Chikan embroidery on silk is Lucknow’s own innovation. The other chikan styles are that of Calcutta and Dacca.