What is the use of spool pin in sewing machine?

What is a spool holder on a sewing machine?

It’s usually positioned on the top of the machine and holds the thread spool in place either vertically or horizontally. Once the thread is on the holder, you’re able to wind the thread through the machine correctly. … On some machines, the sewing thread spool holder is positionable to stand upright or to lay horizontal.

Why are there two spool holders on a sewing machine?

These are made to accommodate the two different types of wound thread spools. What appears to be a more modern recent way of winding, where the thread crisscrosses over itself and makes a pattern on the spool like you usually see on cones of thread (pictured below).

What can I use instead of a spool?

One substitute already mention is craft foam. Actually, just about any firm foam should be usable as a substitute temporarily. All you have to do is cut it to size and then make sure there is a large enough, but not too large of a hole, for the spool pin to fit into.

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