Where is deesis mosaic located?

When was the deesis mosaic created?

Painted Copy of Deesis Mosaic late 1930s (original dated 1261–1300) The original mosaic displaying the Deesis (Christ flanked by the Virgin and Saint John the Baptist) was one of the finest works produced in Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire.

Who are the three figures in the Deësis mosaic?

2 The scene is given here in its abbreviated form: the three figures of Christ, the Virgin and Saint John the Baptist. 3 This subject owes its title to the Greek word SEcrafF (deesis), supplication, which is the purpose of the presence of the Virgin and the Baptist on either side of Christ.

How was light used in Byzantine churches?

By the middle Byzantine period, light was being carefully used in churches in two ways: through management of the levels of natural lighting and through prescriptive artificial lighting.

Who were the two leaders who ruled Byzantine during the height of its power?

The reforms of Diocletian and Constantine. The definition of consistent policy in imperial affairs was the achievement of two great soldier-emperors, Diocletian (ruled 284–305) and Constantine I (sole emperor 324–337), who together ended a century of anarchy and refounded the Roman state.

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