Which tool can crocheters use to help them when fixing errors?

Why is my crochet blanket stiff?

For many, the reason for tight stitches can be found in two areas – either your tension is too tight or your hook is the wrong size for your yarn. A combination of the two will result in the tightest stitches ever, and you’re probably not enjoying yourself at all, verging on frustration!

Why is my crochet so loose?

In a nutshell, if you crochet loosely, you may have to use a hook smaller than what the pattern specifies. If you crochet tighter, then you’ll have to use a larger hook in order to obtain the correct gauge.

Why is my crochet blanket wavy?

Either it is too loose, so that whatever stitch you put into it pulls it out of shape, or it is too tight and pulls the other way. Or the chain itself can twist so you inadvertently put a curl into the project.

Why do my crochet stitches lean?

When working in rows, stitches can start to lean when you put your first stitch on the wrong chain. If your pattern indicates that a turning chain is counted as a stitch, you must not work into its base or else you will be making an increase. … Missing stitches can likewise cause your crochet stitches to lean.

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