Who invented the first lockstitch sewing machine?

Where is Elias Howe from?

Who invented the hi speed lockstitch sewing machine?

In 1834 (or 1833, according to some accounts), prolific American inventor Walter Hunt created the first lockstitch sewing machine.

What 3 features did the first sewing machine have?

His machine contained the three essential features common in most modern machines: a needle with the eye at the point; a shuttle operating beneath the cloth to form the lock stitch; and an automatic feed.

What is difference between hi speed and lockstitch sewing machine?

Originally Answered: What is the diffirence between lockstitch domestic sewing machine and the high-speed lockstitch sewing machine? The domestic sewing machine uses a oscillating bobbin and a slower, less powerful motor. The industrial machine uses a rotating bobbin that rotates as fast as the high-speed motor does.

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