Why is Lilo and Stitch Rated PG?

Is Lilo and Stitch OK for 3 year old?

While the content of the movie is fine for all ages, we feel many younger kids will struggle to remain interested past the first act, we therefore recommend ‘Lilo & Stitch’ for kids aged 7 and over.

Is Lilo and Stitch G or PG?

Lilo & Stitch is rated PG by the MPAA (for mild sci-fi action), making it the fourth Disney animated film to deserve that rating, after The Black Cauldron, Dinosaur and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Is Moana OK for a 3 year old?

Moana isn’t suitable for children under the age of 8 years. We recommend parental guidance for children aged up to 10 years because of the movie’s violent and scary scenes. The main messages from this movie are to follow your dreams and be true to yourself.

Is the new Mulan suitable for 4 year old?

So is Mulan ok for kids to watch? Mulan is kid-friendly for most children that have seen any of the Marvel movies or Star Wars movies, but I would be cautious if you have a child sensitive to extremely perilous situations. The bad guys are pretty scary on a Disney bad-guy scale!

Is there anything inappropriate in Lilo and Stitch?

Parents need to know that some elements of this movie’s cartoon action (including laser battles, gunfire, characters being captured and held hostage, and explosions) — as well as the more bizarre-looking monsters — could be scary for young children and justify the PG rating.

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What is stitch scared of?

Stitch is afraid of going to the vet when Lilo has to take him to get his shots, and they end up meeting an experiment that can repeat any sound it hears.