You asked: Can you sew a waterproof jacket?

Can Zippers be waterproof?

Most zippers are not waterproof however waterproof zippers do exist, they look like this.. Waterproof zippers have the coils (teeth) hidden at the back of the zipper, a rubber or PVC coating covers the front of the zip when it is closed making it completely waterproof.

What fabric is food safe?

E.g. cotton fabric made in a manner that meets all other conditions can be used with dry food e.g. dry fruit, grains, flour etc. Waterproof laminated or coated fabrics (e.g. ProSoft PUL and ProCare) that meet the above requirements can be used for contact and storage of all types of food.

Can I iron waterproof fabric?

Yes you can use an iron. Med heat on the fabric side of the material. A better recommendation is to roll the fabric to get out the wrinkles.

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