You asked: How do I change the color of my embroidery?

How do you change the color on a brother pr655?

How do I manually specify or manage the thread colors assigned to each needle bar?

  1. Touch. , and then display page 5 of the settings screen.
  2. Touch [ON] , and then select the manual color sequence.
  3. Touch [OK] in the bottom right corner of the settings screen to close it, and return to the previous screen.

How do I change the bobbin in the middle of embroidery?

How to change my bobbin if the thread is running out in the middle of a design

  1. Cut the threads and remove the embroidery frame before replacing the bobbin thread.
  2. Move the needle back about 10 stitches and resume sewing.
  3. Press .
  4. Press .
  5. Press. …
  6. Restart the embroidery.

Why is the bobbin thread showing on top?

If the bobbin thread is on top, that means the top thread is pulling more, or, has more tension. That means either the top thread is too tight or the bobbin thread is too loose.

How do you change the light color on a hatch Sound Machine?

You can adjust the color and sound by tapping the corresponding icons at the bottom of the remote screen OR by tapping the “half moon” at the top of the remote screen. Rest is preset with a selection of popular light colors, a rainbow setting and an option to set custom colors.

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