Best answer: Are old Elna sewing machines any good?

Vintage Elna Sewing Machine Prices

Is Elna a good sewing machine brand?

These were performance & quality, features & functionality, ease of use, quietness, design & appearance, reliability, value for money and overall satisfaction. Runner-up Brother followed behind on four stars overall, while Janome and Elna rounded up the results on three stars for overall satisfaction.

Is Elna made by Janome?

But since 2004 all Elna machines have been made by Janome. … The company still produces different Elna sewing machines including their famous Lotus line. There are two versions of that model. Both styles come with a lot of good sewing features that make them an excellent addition to any home.

Which Elna is the best?

The top-rated kitchen appliances for 2020!

  • Elna 720. 5.0 from 1 review. …
  • Elna Expressive 830. 5.0 from 1 review. …
  • Elna 8600. 5.0 from 1 review. …
  • Elna 845. 4.0 from 4 reviews. …
  • Elna Elina 100. 4.0 from 1 review. …
  • Elna 654. 2.6 from 9 reviews. …
  • Elna 745. 2.3 from 3 reviews.

Who bought Elna?

Elna (Swiss company)

Type Société anonyme
Headquarters Meyrin, canton of Geneva, Switzerland
Area served Worldwide
Parent Janome
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