Best answer: How do you make a crochet chart?

Is tapestry crochet the same as Mosaic crochet?

Tapestry crochet is sometimes called jacquard crochet, intarsia, mosaic, fair isle, and colorwork, but today these terms usually describe different techniques. Since the yarns are switched back and forth to create motifs, tapestry crochet fabric looks more like it was woven on a loom than crocheted with a hook.

Does stitch fiddle have an app?

You can use Stitch Fiddle on your phone, tablet and computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), all at the same time. Just login using the same account to keep your files synchronized with each other. You don’t need to install anything, just navigate to and you’re ready to go.

Is stitch fiddle free?

The basic features are free, and stays free forever.

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