Can I sew on paper?

Can you use paper in a sewing machine?

A couple of tips before we get started: If you sew paper on your machine, replace the needle before you sew fabric. Paper quickly dulls needles. Also, sewing paper creates a lot of dust, so be sure to stay on a regular maintenance schedule for your machine.

Can I do embroidery on paper?

Paper embroidery, also known as embroidery on paper, is popular with fans of both needlework and paper crafts. Stitching is done on sturdy paper or card stock by inserting a needle and thread through holes that the embroiderer has pierced along the design according to a pattern.

What kind of paper can I embroider on?

Any heavy weight paper (cardstock) will be fine. I’ve embroidered on several different kinds: paper from an artist’s water-color pad, short-fibered tagboard, and expensive hand-made paper. I’ve found the best results with heavy paper that has longer fibers.

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