Can you bead roll stainless steel?

Can you bead roll stainless?

This roller is capable of rolling aluminum, steel, titanium and Stainless Steel 304 up to . 065 inches/1.6mm and diameter down to . … 6061 T6 aluminum tubing will crack the bead area so you may have to anneal the tubing with map gas or propane.

How thick can you bead roll?

Maximum thickness (mild steel): 14 Ga. Maximum thickness (aluminum): 12 Ga. Throat depth: 11-1/2″ Shaft diameter: 30mm.

Do you need to bead roll floor pans?

If you want the floors to have some stiffness to them, and dont want them oil-canning as mentioned, then yes, beads will help. You dont have to make them look factory, just some beads to stiffen them up. Worse comes to worse, you can hammer form some beads I suppose.

How do you calculate expansion of a tube?

By subtracting “E” from the rolled diameter you determine the actual amount of expansion (tube wall reduction) on the inside diameter of your tube. This can be converted to a % of wall reduction by dividing the actual wall thickness (“B minus D”) . 130” into the amount of roll .

What is tube rolling in heat exchanger?

Tube rolling is a mechanical operation that allows the tightening of one element to another by means of a mechanical deformation known as expansion. This is achieved by means of a tube expander, a tool which allows the deformable section of the element to be enlarged without prejudicing its mechanical integrity.

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