Can you crochet with 2 strands of yarn?

Can you use two strands of DK chunky?

Yes, you may use two strands of a finer weight yarn held together to approximate the gauge of a thicker yarn.

What is thicker 4 ply or 2 ply?

Structure of a 4 ply yarn

This was great and you could easily see that 2 strands of 4 ply are about the same thickness as DK, 2 strands of lace weight are about the same as 4 ply.

Can you use both ends of the yarn?

Obviously you have to start with a centre-pull skein/ball to ensure that you have two ends to work with. … A similar technique can be used if you are using two ends of the same skein for knitting colour work, which is something that can be achieved with yarn that graduates from one colour to another.

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