Can you spray paint wooden beads?

How do you paint wooden beads?

Just place the bead onto a skewer, load a teeny bit of paint onto your foam brush, then use quick downward motions to add paint to the bead. That’s it! This simple bead is my favorite! Use your foam brush to create a straight edge down the middle of each side of the bead.

How do you seal wooden beads?

Finish your beads with 2 light coats of acrylic sealer. I prefer a matte-finish sealer. Allow the first coat of sealer to dry about 30 minutes to an hour before applying the second coat. Be sure to spray the beads outdoors and avoid breathing the fumes.

How do you dry wooden beads?

If you are going to dry them with a hair dryer (put hair dryer on low setting and guard them with your hand or they will go flying) you can set them on a paper towel. If you are going to let them dry on their own, try using something like wax paper so they don’t stick.

Can I dye wooden beads?

Raw wooden beads are perfect to dye because they aren’t coated, so dyes and paints will stick to the wood, whereas beads that are already varnished need to be sanded back or de-glossed first.

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