Frequent question: What kind of yarn do you use for doilies?

What yarn is good for doilies?

People use thread crochet to make doilies and mandalas, crochet jewelry, and filet crochet art. Those who are ambitious can use thread to make large projects, even detailed crochet blankets.

How much yarn do you need for a doily?

The Yarn That’s Perfect for This Doily

For this entire doily, you will need to use approximately 180 yards of cotton worsted weight yarn. I went with the Yarnspirations brand, Lily Sugar’n Cream in Soft Ecru.

What kind of thread is used for tatting?

Thread used for tatting is also called crochet thread, crochet cotton or pearl cotton. Size 10 or 20 tatting threads are typically used to make doilies. The thickness of tatting thread is usually indicated by a number.

What can I use instead of doilies?

Woven placemats or tapestry pieces are great to use instead of doilies on the arms of stuffed chairs or sofas to keep them from being soiled.

Can you knit a doily?

Knitted doilies, place-mats and tablecloths can be either lacy and feminine or modern, geometric and colourful. These patterns cover both styles with a selection that can be knit flat as well as some that are worked in the round. You could even knit some of them with yarn to make a shawl, blanket or afghan.

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Why is it called a doily?

The word doily comes from Doiley, the last name of a well-known London dry goods dealer in the 17th century. Originally, the word was an adjective describing suits or fabric, and later, from doily-napkin came the doily we know today.