How do you finish the back of a cross stitch baby blanket?

How do you cover the back of a cross stitch baby quilt?

Take a small stitch and pull the thread through to the back. For security I prefer to do this twice. Then tie the threads together on the back of the work. I like to leave the tails long and after tying the knot I thread each end through a needle and “bury” them inside the quilt wadding.

How do you finish the back of a cross stitch afghan?

If it is an afghan done in blocks, it is simple to just stitch down the lines formed by the blocks and then around the edges to attach a backing. This is easily accomplished on a sewing machine. If the pattern is more ‘scattered’ you may have to quilt around each motif; you may prefer to do that by hand.

How do you do a hidden cross stitch?

The other method is the hidden stitch method. According to Dimension you do not go through from the back. Knot your thread and start in from the front and then up several cross stitches away. Then cross stitch over the thread which is inside the blanket.

Can you cross stitch a blanket?

Whether you like to cross-stitch as a craft or you would like to start cross-stitching as a hobby, a blanket is one project to consider doing. You can cross-stitch an afghan to toss over a chair or a blanket to give as a gift.

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Can I make money from cross stitch?

If you offer custom cross stitch in addition to patterns, you could make even more. If you sell 10 custom cat cross stitch pieces for $100 each, that’s another $1,000 in monthly revenue just for doing something you love.

Is counted cross stitch still popular?

Someone asked, “Is cross stitch still popular?” Yes indeed it is! In fact, it’s booming! … You may bemoan the fact that stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. no longer carry a wide variety of patterns anymore.