How do you sew a neckline binding?

How do you finish a binding neckline?

To join the ends when using ready made binding, pin it in place around your armhole/neckline first and place a pin where the two ends meet. Open out the binding at this point and sew the ends together where your pin was placed. Trim the ends then press the seam open.

How do you sew a woven neck binding?

Binding Tutorial

  1. Fold binding in half lengthwise & press.
  2. Then fold seam allowance of one of the edges & press.
  3. Pin & sew unfolded edge of binding to neckline.
  4. If you have an opening at the back neck, fold the ends of the binding inwards & press to secure in place.
  5. Fold bind over the seams & pin in place.

Can I hem a neckline?

Finishing a neckline can be a bit of a tricky business. Hemming it as you would a skirt or a sleeve distorts the fabric and generally makes the thing you are making look a mess.

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