How do you use wooly nylon in Overlocker?

Does wooly nylon melt?

You can wind this easily by hand. The wooly nylon thread has a little more elasticity, is incredibly soft and strong and helps to create happy looking stitches on your knit fabric. … You should know that Wooly Nylon will melt under the heat of an iron and it is not recommended that you iron over the seams at all.

What is woolly nylon thread used for?

Woolly Nylon is a textured nylon serger thread. It has extra stretch so it expands and contracts with tension making it feel soft like yarn. This makes it ideal for sewing stretchy fabric found in knits, activewear, swimwear, tablecloths, napkins, and more.

Where can you use wooly nylon in a serger?

It’s traditionally used as a looper thread in the garment industry, especially when sewing activewear, swimwear and underwear on sergers and coverstitch machines. The beauty of the woolly nylon is that it spreads out and gives fantastic coverage, which is especially nice when sewing flatlock and mock flatlock seams.

Is Maxi lock stretch the same as wooly nylon?

Essentially both are nylon threads. The difference is that woolly nylon usually has more flexibility and is a little ‘fuzzier’. Meanwhile, Maxi-Lock Stretch features a smoother touch and thicker texture. … Stretch thread can be used for rolled hems too (only needed in the upper looper).

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Which Looper does wooly nylon go in?

Thread the upper looper with wooly nylon.

Can you use nylon thread in a sewing machine?

Woolly Nylon is marketed for sergers but works beautifully with sewing machines as well. It comes in a wide variety of colours & brands. … Using a combination of these thread types – Polyester thread for the upper thread & Woolly Nylon for the lower or bobbin thread – provides “give” to sewn areas.

Can you use wooly nylon in a regular sewing machine?

Wooly nylon thread can be used ONLY in a bobbin on a regular sewing machine. And in the needle, you should use a regular polyester thread of matching color. It’s great for a little soft stretch on any seam!

What is nylon thread?

Nylon. Nylon threads are synthetic threads (polyester threads are synthetic as well) often used in the form of a monofilament clear thread or as a textured fuzzy (woollie-like) thread.

What is fleecy nylon thread?

TRULOCK Fleecy Nylon is a soft, textured nylon thread for your serger that performs perfectly with elastic fabrics like lycra or jersey knit, and that also gives great coverage for seams and rolled hems.