How often should I crochet my dreadlocks?

How often should I crochet dreads?

On average, I personally crochet dreadlocks every 4 – 6 weeks to maintain a tidy look. However, some people may prefer the look that comes with having some hair growth and may, therefore, prefer to wait a little longer between dreadlock maintenance periods.

Are crochet dreads good?

The Crochet Hook Dread Tool assists in creating and maintaining dreads using the crochet method, a natural dreadlock process. A crochet hook is used to pull the hair in tight so that it knots well. When used correctly, crocheting dreadlocks should not tear the hair but create tight, well knotted dreadlocks.

Should I crochet my locs wet or dry?

Crochet hook maintenance should be done on dry hair only. Dry hair is less susceptible to breakage because keratin protein — the stuff hair and nails are made of — is more durable when dry.

How do you keep dreads from unraveling?

Putting any wax or gel in your dreads while they are still wet can leave them smelling bad and attract more dirt and possibly mold. Grip any loose hair at the roots after the hair dries, and wrap it around the nearest dread. Use a small amount of dread wax to hold the loose hair, and secure it to the dread.

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