Is the word knitting a verb?

Is knitting a verb or noun?

As detailed above, ‘knitting’ can be a verb or a noun. Noun usage: I find knitting very relaxing. Noun usage: She put down her knitting and went to answer the phone.

Is knit a noun verb or adjective?

knit (verb) knit (noun) … close–knit (adjective) double knit (noun) tight–knit (adjective)

What is the verb form of knit?

verb (used without object), knit·ted or knit, knit·ting. … to become closely and firmly joined together; grow together, as broken bones do. to contract into folds or wrinkles, as the brow.

What is the noun of knit?

/nɪt/ /nɪt/ [usually plural] ​a piece of clothing that has been knitted. winter knits.

Is the word knitted an adjective?

knitted adjective – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced American Dictionary at

Is knitting a transitive verb?

[transitive, intransitive] to make clothes, etc. from wool or cotton thread using two long, thin, knitting needles or a machine knit (something) I knitted this sweater myself. Lucy was sitting on the sofa, knitting.

What is the opposite of knit?

Opposite of to intertwine together (by knitting) detach. disconnect. disjoin. divide.

What does knit mean in England?

knit in British English

(nɪt ) verbWord forms: knits, knitting, knitted or knit. to make (a garment, etc) by looping and entwining ( yarn, esp wool) by hand by means of long eyeless needles (knitting needles) or by machine (knitting machine) to join or be joined together closely.

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What is the verb of transportation?

transitive verb. 1 : to transfer or convey from one place to another transporting ions across a living membrane. 2 : to carry away with strong and often intensely pleasant emotion.