Quick Answer: What does the linen stitch look like?

How do you bind off linen stitch?

To bind off in linen stitch (on the RS), bind off as usual, and knit/slip stitches according to the linen stitch pattern. For example: K 1, sl 1, pull 1st st (the one you k) over 2nd st (the one you sl), k1, pull 1st st (sl) over 2nd st (k), sl 1, pull 1st st over 2nd, etc.

Does linen stitch use a lot of yarn?

You want to be sure and swatch your yarn for this stitch because you might have to go up a needle size or two to help alleviate some of the denseness. You also want to account for extra yarn than most other stitches require because it does eat up more yarn than plain stockinette stitch.

Can you crochet linen stitch in the round?

Each round is a repeat of the previous round, but with one more linen stitch between corners. The instructions below are for a 15 cm (5″) square, but you can continue to add rounds to create a giant linen stitch square, making this pattern perfect for a continuous stash-busting blanket.

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