Quick Answer: What was the mechanical device used for weaving class 10?

What mechanical device is used for weaving?

In weaving technology, loom, which is a mechanical device used to produce woven fabric by insertion of warp and weft yarn, is the principle mechanical device for weaving.

Which mechanical device was used for weaving with rope and pulley which helped to weave wide pieces of cloth?

Answer: Fly Shuttle: It is a mechanical device used for weaving. It is moved by means of ropes and pulleys. It places the horizontal threads (weft) into the vertical threads (the warp).

Which was a mechanical device used for weaving * 1 point?

A machine called loom is used for weaving purposes .

What was flying shuttle Class 10?

It is a mechanical device used for weaving moved by means of ropes and pullies. It places the horizontal threads (called the weft) into the verticle ? threads (called the warp). The invention of the fly shuttle made it possible for weavers to operate large looms and weave wide pieces of cloth.

What was the fly shuttle for 1 point?

The flying shuttle was one of the key developments in the industrialization of weaving during the early Industrial Revolution. It allowed a single weaver to weave much wider fabrics, and it could be mechanized, allowing for automatic machine looms.

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Which of the following speed up the process of weaving on a loom?

Air jet: An air-jet loom uses short quick bursts of compressed air to propel the weft through the shed in order to complete the weave. Air jets are the fastest traditional method of weaving in modern manufacturing and they are able to achieve up to 1,500 picks per minute.

When did humans first weave cloth?

Humans know about weaving since Paleolithic era. Flax weavings are found in Fayum, Egypt, dating from around 5000 BC. First popular fiber in ancient Egypt was flax, which was replaced by wool around 2000 BC. By the beginning of counting the time weaving was known in all the great civilizations.

What is the oldest fabric?

A team of archaeologists and paleobiologists has discovered flax fibers that are more than 34,000 years old, making them the oldest fibers known to have been used by humans.

Who first used weaving?

The development of spinning and weaving began in ancient Egypt around 3400 before Christ (B.C). The tool originally used for weaving was the loom. From 2600 B.C. onwards, silk was spun and woven into silk in China.