What are the number of ways in which 10 beads can be arranged to form a necklace?

How many ways can 12 beads be arranged on a bracket?

12 different beads can be arranged among themselves in a circular order in (12-1)!= 11! Ways. Now, in the case of necklace, there is not distinction between clockwise and anti-clockwise arrangements.

How many ways 8 different beads can be arranged to form a necklace?

2520 Ways 8 beads of different colours be strung as a necklace if can be wear from both side.

How many ways can 7 beads can be arranged to form a necklace?

2520. 5040.

How many ways 5 beads are used to make a necklace?

One is clockwise, another is anticlockwise. Here in both directions we will get the same arrangement. So, we have to divide 24 by 2. Therefore the total number of different ways of arranging 5 beads is 242=12 .

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How many ways can 5 people arrange themselves in a line?

Answer: If the symmetry of the table is not taken into account the number of possibilities is 5! = 120. In this case it would be the same as ordering people on a line. However if rotation symmetry is taken into account, there are five ways for people to sit at the table which are just rotations of each other.

How many different ways can the 8 persons be seated in a circular table?

ways, where n refers to the number of elements to be arranged. = 5040 ways.

How many bracelets can be made by stringing 9 different colored beads together?

by stringing together 9 different coloured beads one can make 9! (9 factorial ) bracelet. 9! = 9×8×7×6×5×4×3×2×1 = 362880 ways.

How many ways can the 7 persons be seated in a circular table?

Since in this question we have to arrange persons in a circle and 7 persons have to be arranged in a circle so that every person shall not have the same neighbor. Hence there are 360 ways to do the above arrangement and therefore the correct option is A. So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

How many necklaces can you make with 6 beads of 3 colors?

The first step is easy: the number of ways to colour 6 beads, where each bead can be red, green or blue, is 36 = 729. Next we put the beads on a necklace, and account for duplicate patterns.

How many necklaces can be formed with 6 white and 5 red beads if each necklace is unique how many can be formed?

How many different necklaces can be formed with 6 white and 5 red beads? Since total number of beads is 11 according to me it should be 11! 6! 5! but correct answer is 21.

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How many different chains can be made using 5 different Coloured beads?

=24 ways. These two arrangements appear to be distinct, . . but they are mirror-images of each other. One of them can be obtained by turning over the other.