What are the remedies if the sewing machine has minor sewing machine trouble?

How do you remedy the sewing machine troubles?

Use a reinforced needle, reset the needle guard and replace the needle. Incorrect sewing tension in the needle or under threads. Re-adjust the tensions. Poor thread loop formation.

What is the remedies of thread breaks?


  • Check the threading order and thread correctly.
  • Adjust the tension disc.
  • Replace blunt or bent needles.
  • Use appropriate thread for the needle size.
  • Clean the bobbin case and shuttle.
  • Sew at moderate speed.

What to do if the specific troubles is puckered stitches?

Solution. Reduce the tension applied to the thread while it is being wound onto the lock stitch bobbin. Set the needle thread tension to be as light as possible while achieving a balanced stitch at the same time. This will reduce the amount of puckering while the thread is stretched and improve the sewability.

What is the effect of improper threading?

Uneven stitch and feed makes the form of a working product distort and fabrics not sewn firmly. If you have used thread of low quality, threaded the machine incorrectly, or pulled the fabric when trying to make it pass through the presser foot, it is likely that the issue will occur.

What is the cause if upper thread is breaking?

There could be several reasons why the upper thread keeps breaking. The upper thread could be installed incorrectly. Rethread the machine according to the instructions. … Make sure the spool of thread is installed correctly using the correct size spool cap for the size of spool.

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What is the causes of thread breaks?

Here are different causes for thread breakage, along with solutions:

  • Improper threading. …
  • Incorrect or damaged needle. …
  • Bad thread. …
  • Old Thread. …
  • Upper tension is too tight. …
  • Bobbin tension is too tight. …
  • Burrs on the hook assembly. …
  • Burrs on the needle plate.