What do the circles on a sewing pattern mean?

What are the little triangles on sewing patterns?

Sewing notches are the little triangles or markings on your sewing pattern that help you match up your pieces. They may seem a pain when you are cutting your fabric out but they stop you joining pieces upside down or back to front and having to spend a frustrating time with your seam ripper later on.

What does centerfold mean on a pattern?

(sɛntərfoʊld ) Word forms: centerfoldsregional note: in BRIT, use centrefold. countable noun. A centerfold is a picture that covers the two central pages of a magazine, especially a photograph of a naked or partly naked woman.

What does cut 2 mean on a sewing pattern?

If your pattern says to “Cut 2”, you’ll want to fold your fabric half with your selvages together. (If you are unfamiliar with the word selvage, check out our Fabric Anatomy post.) Notice the selvages are on the right side and the fold is on the left.

What is a placement line on a pattern?

Placement Lines show where to place details such as patch pockets, flaps, casings, and decorative trim.

What are pattern pieces?

Templates are a shaped piece of rigid material used as an outline for processes such as cutting out, shaping, or drilling. Patterns are a template used in sewing, from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and then put together; they are usually made of paper.

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What does pattern printed side down mean?

Lines denote pattern pieces to be placed with the printed side down. … This symbol generally means there is not enough room to place the pattern piece on the folded fabric. The instructions will tell you to cut out all other pattern pieces.