What does AB mean in beads?

What does AB stand for in beads?

The coating effect referred to as AB is also referred to as “Aurora Borealis”. It is a rainbow / iridescent effect that is applied to either the top of a stone or to half of a bead or pendant. Aurora Borealis is one of the most well-known and popular effects from Swarovski.

What does AB mean on jewelry?

Aurora Borealis refers to the thin metallic coating that is sprayed onto crystals, creating a beautiful iridescent sheen. The finish is meant to pick up and reflect the colors around it. Beautiful AB rhinestone balls sold at Rings & Things! Originally this finish was famous for it’s use in elaborate costume jewelry.

What are AB seed beads?

AB is an iridescent coating that gives a subtle shimmer. It is named after the Aurora Borealis, the fabulous Northern Lights. It can be full or half coated. For example, a Swarovski crystal bead described as AB is half-coated, AB 2X would mean fully coated.

What does crystal AB mean?

Crystal AB means an Aurora Borealis finish has been added to the bead to add extra colors to the different facets or cuts to the bead. There is also an AB2X finish which means a double Aurora Borealis finish has been added to the Crystal bead.

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Do Preciosa beads fade?

Most seed bead finishes are usually quite resilient depending on the level of wear. Also, consider storing your beads away from sunlight. UV light can fade finishes. If using beads that you are aware will fade over time, be clever about how and where you use them.

What does AB clear mean?

A: Crystal (often known as Crystal Clear) is completely colorless. … Crystal AB, on the other hand, uses the same base stone or bead, but has an added coating which reflects many different colors, primarily gold, blue and pink.

What does AB stand for in color?

5 October 2013 0 comments. ‘AB’ stands for Aurora Borealis, the amazing natural light display in the sky, particularly in high latitude regions around the Arctic and Antarctic…

What is gold AB?

Ultima Gold™ AB is the world’s first liquid scintillation cocktail specifically designed for alpha/beta discrimination in LSC. Ultima Gold™ AB is based on a unique, high flash-point solvent formulation that provides the slow pulse decay characteristics necessary for effective alpha/beta discrimination.

What does 9ct AB mean?

9ct represents 9/24 or 37.5% of pure gold. Yellow gold has other additives such as Silver, Copper and Zinc. This metal is not as malleable as 18ct and is mainly used in casting pieces of jewellery.

What are electroplated beads?

Electroplate Glass Beads

The electroplated glass beads have an amazing glossy coating, available in many different bead shapes and finishes. They can be widely used in your jewelry making and craft project.

What is a Vitrail bead?

AB beads: “Vitrail” is an odd term which I picked up from Czech bead suppliers. Vitrail coatings are like AB coatings in that they are metallic, but they come in more colors than just silver (bronze, gold, copper). Unlike AB coatings, vitrail coatings are heat-sealed (fired) onto the beads.

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Are Swarovski crystals worth anything?

Yes they are real. They are real lead glass. … Swarovski crystals are non-precious lead glass meaning that the intrinsic value of the material is not very high. They do have a valuable brand name, however, which causes them to have higher prices compared to other crystal suppliers.

What is so special about Swarovski crystals?


As compared to other glass jewelry, Swarovski jewelry is made of extremely high-quality crystal glass. The high-quality crystals come from the very uniform structure which offers the Swarovski crystals amazing clarity.