What does rib mean in knitting terms?

Is 1×1 rib reversible?

The 1×1 rib stitch is a reversible pattern and looks a lot like a Stockinette Stitch when not stretched out. You’ll need: A yarn of your choice; this pattern looks nice with almost all yarns.

How do you knit a ribbing sweater?

Pull out any extra rows of knitting and messy pieces of yarn until you have only your live stitches on your scrap yarn. Leave a tail 4-6 inches long to darn in later. Slip the stitches from your yarn onto the needles for your ribbing and start knitting!

Is 1×1 rib tighter than 2×2?

This is important since sometimes a less stretchy rib is desirable, such as a border on a jacket or blanket or an allover pattern. However, while at first a 2×2 rib will appear tighter than a 1×1 rib, over time and with wear the softer rib will relax and lose some of its elasticity.

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