What is a mini bean stitch in crochet?

What is an altered bean stitch in crochet?

Altered Bean Stitch (Bean Stitch) / Puff Stitch:

Insert hook in stitch, yarn over and pull through, *yarn over, insert hook in same stitch, pull through, repeat from * 1 more time, yarn over, pull through 6 loops on hook, chain 1 (to lock stitch). … This will equal two stitches in pattern.

What is a mini bean stitch?

The mini bean stitch is a slanted, densely-textured stitch, based on a puff stitch idea, which produces a richly woven effect you’ll love. It bulks up quickly and is ideal for men’s scarves and chunky throws as it’s incredibly cozy and warm.

What is the smoothest crochet stitch?

1y. The smoothest stitch I know of is the moss/linen stitch. That said, it would have to be done with a smaller hook for the yarn to be tight enough for no grooves to catch the marbles.

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