What is a sewing instructor?

How do I become a sewing teacher?

The qualifications that you need to start working as a sewing teacher depend on your teaching responsibilities and the type of school in which you teach. Sewing instructors need sewing skills in hand sewing, sewing machine usage, or both. Most employers expect demonstrable sewing skills and several years of experience.

How much should sewing lessons cost?

The average cost of 60-minute sewing lessons is $80. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and location, you should expect to spend between $30 and $170 per hour.

How much should I charge for private sewing lessons?

For example, if it costs you $300 to provide a two-hour beginning sewing class and you have an overall goal of a profit of $500, if you have 20 students each student will pay $40 for the class. If students provide their own materials, you could charge $25 or $30 per student.

What should I charge per hour for sewing?

In general, it is always best to charge per hour, as you never know what could come up in the meantime. So for an hourly wage, aim for $10 to $15. Still, if you want to charge it per panel, then $20 would be enough, depending on the type of fabric and design.

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