What is guide bar in knitting?

What is yarn guide?

Yarn guides are the one of the helping instrument to control the yarn path. Yarn guides are required to perform the winding or unwinding process properly. … Yarn guides are used during winding, warping, beaming and weaving process. In winding and unwinding it is necessary to control the yarn path.

What is swinging and Shogging?

So swinging motion is actually the movement of guide bar from back to front of the needle and vice versa. So which you can see it by the arrow and shogging motion is the transfer movement of guide bar along the needle bar, so these are the 2 shocking motions.

What is Shogging motion?

The shogging movement of guide bar is the lateral movement of guides which is parallel to the needle bar. The shogging motion of guides either left to right or right to left.

Which needle used in warp knitting?

The two types of warp knitting are raschel, made with latch needles, and tricot, using bearded needles.

What makes good yarn?

Animal fibers, such as alpaca, angora, cashmere, llama, mohair, wool, yak, etc., are warm, have good elasticity and will hold their shape better than plant fibers. These characteristics make them a good choice for cold weather apparel and accessories — think sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, and blankets.

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What type of yarn guide is suitable for a winding machine and why?

(1) The traverse guide adopts the “yarn guide device”, commonly known as the “rabbit head”, which has little damage to the yarn, and is especially suitable for the winding of high-grade yarn.

What is weft knitting used for?

Weft knit – Produced when knitting with two needles, it uses one continuous yarn that produces horizontal rows of loops that interlock. It frays, can ladder and lose its shape when worn frequently. It is used to produce most garments, such as T-shirts, tights and jumpers.