What tape do you use for scrapbooking?

Roller Tapes

What is scrapbook tape?

Originating from Japan, Washi Tape is a low tack, decorative masking tape that can be used to add pattern and colour to almost any project, from creating pretty scrapbook borders to Christmas gift wrapping. Tear it, stick it, reposition it and write on it, there are endless possibilities.

Can you use double-sided tape for scrapbooking?

The tape comes in rolls of 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch widths, and is available at most scrapbook or craft stores. Supertape is a strong, clear and acid-free double-sided adhesive. It is also heat-resistant, but less so than Sookwang tape.

Do you need special glue for scrapbooking?

For most scrapbooking items, you’ll want to use dry scrapbook adhesives such as glue dots, glue sticks, or double-sided tape. For embellishments such as plastic items or metal charms, you’ll need to use liquid craft glue. The Helmar’s liquid glue brand is also great for decoupage projects.

What is photo-safe tape?

Photo-safe hinging tape differs from regular tape in that the adhesive is acid-free, meaning it will not eat away at the photograph and cause irreversible damage. When you mount photographs in a picture frame or place them in a scrapbook, it shows you want to display these photos proudly.

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What tape should I use for photos?

Photo-safe, double-sided tape is ideal for mounting your most treasured photos and other important memories without risk of damage. Poly-film with permanent adhesive for strong, reliable hold. Transparent tape can be written on.

What kind of glue can you use on photos?

Wet Adhesives

Photos Small Paper
Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue – bottle/applicator X
Yes Glue – Paste (tub) X X
Zip Dry Paper Glue (bottle, dries clear) X X
Scrapbook.com Smart Glue (bottle, dries clear) X X

Can you put photos in a scrapbook?

Photos can be attached with a glue stick, double sided tape, or photo corners. If you’re using a glue stick or double sided tape, repositionable adhesive tends to work better because it allows for the option of removing the photos at a later date if they need to be copied or shared outside of your scrapbook.

Will Scotch tape damage photos?

YES, you HAVE to use acid free adhesive. Most tape, especially cellophane tape (aka scotch tape) will kill your photos.

What that tape called that is sticky on both sides?

Double-Sided Tape, also known as Double-Coated Tape or Double-Faced Tape is a pressure-sensitive tape consisting of film, foam, paper, cloth or a foil carrier, with an acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive coated on both sides in any combination.