You asked: Where are Koala sewing chairs made?

What is a koala table?

Unlike ordinary sewing tables, Koala Studios are crafted specifically with your comfort in mind. A built-in machine lift raises or lowers your machine to a height that’s right for you. Add a Koala height adjustable sewing chair to perfect your sewing experience.

Why do koalas have a big nose?

Their large black nose gives them an acute sense of smell and helps them detect other koalas and find their favourite food trees. The male uses a scent gland on his chest to mark trees by rubbing the gland up and down the trunk.

Who makes Bernina chairs?

Bernina International

Type Aktiengesellschaft
Founder Fritz Gegauf
Headquarters Steckborn, Switzerland
Area served Worldwide
Key people Hanspeter Ueltschi (Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors) Claude Dreyer (CEO)
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