Best answer: How do you make a cute drawstring bag?

What can I use for a drawstring?

Any piece of cord, trimming, ribbon or fabric could become a drawstring. Ribbons add a more feminine touch while cords are great for projects requiring sturdy fastenings like bags. You can also experiment with different colors and add your personal touch by using contrasting materials.

How do you secure a drawstring bag?

Use a (thin) chain instead of the drawstring, and an accordingly small padlock to secure it. Or get a bag with a zipper thats big enough to put your backback inside. The material should be lightweight but sturdy.

Are drawstring bags in style?

Calling it: The only purse trend that will matter this season is drawstring bags. From Copenhagen to Paris and New York, drawstring pouch bags are popping up everywhere we look. Seeing as the street style set is always one step ahead of the curve, we’re placing all our bets on this bag trend becoming a major thing.

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