Best answer: What is a Sashiko sewing machine?

What kind of thread do you use for a sashiko machine?

But in the Sashiko machine, you want to use about a 30-weight, long-staple, 100% polyester thread. The machine does all the work and it goes back and forth to give you the look of heavy-weight, but you really can just use about a 30-weight thread.

Can you quilt with a sashiko machine?

1. Quilting: If you love the look of hand quilting but don’t have the time or patience to quilt an entire quilt by hand, you can do it with the sashiko machine instead.

What thread does Babylock recommend?

Premium 100 Polyester Embroidery Thread Spools 40wt Compatible with Brother Babylock Janome Singer Machines.

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