How can I reuse old jeans to make new clothes for kids?

Do old jeans make good rags?

Make rags or placemats.

Denim isn’t terribly absorbent, so it’s not great for towels. However, it is quite durable, so rags cut from it are great for the garage or kitchen.

What can I do with Unwearable jeans?

The most well-known option, of course, is to sell or donate wearable jeans to your nearest thrift store, where your jeans can go on living in someone else’s closet. But if your jeans are ripped or stained beyond repair, don’t try to donate them where they’ll likely just be thrown in the trash.

What stores take old jeans?

Big retailers like Bloomingdale’s, American Eagle Outfitters, Gap, Rag & Bone, and many more are getting on the eco-friendly initiative and offer in-store collection of old jeans and denim.

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