How do you join a round in crochet without a seam?

What is an invisible stitch in crochet?

The mattress stitch, also known as the invisible seam or invisible weaving, is a very flexible seam that works best for sewing garment pieces together because it makes for a flat, invisible seam. You always work this stitch with the right sides facing up so you can make sure the seam is invisible on its best side.

What is a false stitch in crochet?

Use a false stitch when you are continuing with the same colour. To make a false tr/dc (UK/US), pull up a long loop, a little taller than a normal stitch. Place a finger on the loop on the hook and hold it firmly while moving the hook under, and wrapping the long loop around the hook.

Why are crochet stitches slanted?

Crochet blankets can come out slanted, crooked, or warped for a number of reasons. You may have accidentally missed making or added extra stitches into the beginning or the end of a row. Your tension could have changed due to your position, a change in the hook you were using, or a change in yarn color.

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