How do you organize sewing patterns in Evernote?

How do you store traced patterns?

Fold it up and keep it as a paper draft

After I’ve traced and sewn a pattern, it needs to be put away. I find these 9 by 12 envelopes perfect for the job! I label them with all the pertinent details, then file them away (explained below).

How do you use pattern storage?

Pattern Storage is a machine that stores Crystal Memory patterns that are to be used in a Replicator. To get a pattern, you place a blank Crystal Memory into a Scanner, along with an item. Once it finished scanning you place the Crystal Memory into the Pattern Storage.

How do you store large paper patterns?

Storing Paper Patterns

A very easy, low-maintenance method of storing these is to use plastic display folders, which are like albums but with plastic pockets instead of pages; alternatively ringbinders with separate plastic wallets work equally well.

Is there an app for sewing patterns?

ANDROID Sewing Apps

Sew Awesome app: App helps sewers track all their sewing essentials. Sewing Pattern Buddy: App designed to bring your entire pattern collection to your fingertips. Free motion Quilting Idea App: App has tutorials for 16 different all over free motion quilting designs.

What are basic patterns called?

The basic pattern is the very foundation upon which pattern making, fit and design are based. The basic pattern is the starting point for flat pattern designing. It is a simple pattern that fits the body with just enough ease for movement and comfort (Shoben and Ward).

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Why do pattern pieces have a fold line?

On the Fold – Represented by a line with arrows pointing in a particular direction, the “on the fold” marking shows you where to position the edge of your pattern piece on a fold of your fabric. This allows you to cut a piece of fabric that is twice as large as the pattern piece.