How do you organize yarn?

Can yarn be stored in vacuum bags?

You can fit up to 12 average size skeins of yarn in the bag. Vacuum the air out of it and it will shrink your yarn to about 1/3 the size. It keeps the yarn fresh and free of dust and insects.

Can you vacuum pack yarn?

For all the left over yarn and the unused balls of yarn, I use my VacMaster to vacuum package them. This makes it easy for me to neatly store them in the back of a closet or in an under the bed storage unit.

Do yarn balls take up less space?

Wind your yarn into a Yarn Ball

I’ve recently started doing this too… they take up less space and roll off easier whilst working knit or crochet. Also they look super cute. Not so great for direct shelf storage as they will roll off but if you keep your yarn in baskets like me it’s a great space saver.

How do you store silk yarn?

If you must pile your stash because there is a lot of it, store them in solid plastic tubs stacked on top of each other. Wool needs to breath. Don’t suffocate your wool in tight plastic for long periods of time. Many comforter or dry cleaning bags include breathing vents so some fresh air can reach your textiles.

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