How do you resize a beaded bracelet?

How do you adjust a bead bracelet?

First, grab the last two lava beads on the bracelet between your fingers and pull them until the bracelet is wide enough to fit your hand. Then, to adjust the bracelet around your wrist, just pull the strings until the bracelet fits you perfectly.

How do you make a bracelet fit smaller?

Non-Pin Bracelets

Locate links with elevated nibs. There should be circular cut-outs on the metal sheet of the links that will allow you to re-size the bracelet. Push the links with the elevated nibs downward so that the circular cut-out on the link fits a new nib further down the link — making it smaller.

What do you do when your bracelet is too big?

There is another option: If the bracelet is overly large, wear it over a sleeve or a glove. A layer of leather or the textured fabric of a sleeve will give the bracelet something to which it might cling, and the resultant closer fit will be much more flattering.

How long does it take to resize a bracelet?

If the job is simple and the jeweler has no other customers ahead of you, your ring may be resized in as little as an hour. But since the jeweler may have to work on other pieces before he gets to yours, you can usually expect a turnaround time of one to three days.

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How much does it cost to resize a bracelet?

Resizing Schedule

Category Resize Charge Total Cost
Solid Gold Rings with Gemstones: Up to 1/2 size adjustment $65 $86
Solid Gold Rings with Gemstones: Over 1/2 size adjustment $95 $116
Other Jewelry
Bracelets Free one-time; $55 thereafter $21 one-time; $76 thereafter

Can I make my Pandora bracelet smaller?

Can You Make Pandora Bracelets Smaller? If your Pandora Bracelet has stretched out too much, there are a few things you can try. One, you can add a few more beads. … If that doesn’t work, you can take your bracelet to a local Pandora dealer to have it cut down in size, and the clasp reconnected.