How do you sew bias on piping?

How wide do you cut fabric for piping?

Cut a piece of fabric that’s the size of your pillow form, plus 1/2″ in length and 1/2″ in width. This is the pillow front. Aligning the raw edges of the piping with the raw edges with the RIGHT SIDE of the pillow front, pin the piping in place all around the perimeter of the fabric.

How much is bias tape per yard?

Most likely, the majority of projects you make will require ½ to 1 yard of fabric for the bias strips. Of course, if you’re following a pattern, you should be provided with the size, type, and length required.

Does bias tape have to be cut on the bias?

For a square quilt straight grain binding, meaning fabric strips cut cross grain or length-wise grain, will work well. If, however, you’re binding a quilt with curved edges, you’ll want to cut bias strips for your binding. The stretch in the bias makes it easier to maneuver the binding around the quilt’s curved edges.

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