How do you store quilt fabric scraps?

What size should I cut my fabric scraps?

Fabric is cut into 1 ½”, 2 ½”, 3 ½” or larger strips. Fabric is cut into 2 ½” squares for postage stamp quilts or hexies. Fabric is cut into 5” squares. Any pieces smaller than 5” are discarded.

Does fabric go bad?

Let’s face it: Clothes face an onslaught in daily life. … And that’s only on one front — washing and drying clothes (even with perfect technique) will slowly degrade the fabric too, due to friction, heat and exposure to detergents. Like all things, common clothing items will eventually run the length of their lifespan.

Can you store fabric in plastic bags?

Use Plastic Storage Containers

Fabric absorbs odors from the air that are difficult to remove, such as food smells and cigarette smoke. … Air-tight plastic storage containers and vacuum-seal storage bags work best for storing fabric. You can seal out pests, moisture, odors, and dust.

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