How do you treat bean common mosaic virus?

How do you control cowpea mosaic virus?

Plant extract (10%, w/v) was sprayed onto the primary leaves of eight-day-old cowpea plants. They were inoculated with the virus 24 h after plant extract spray. Plants sprayed with distilled water followed by inoculating with the virus served as a control. Each treatment had five replications of 25 seedlings each.

How can papaya mosaic virus be controlled?

Control : As soon as the disease symptoms are observed dusting Sulphur (30 g/10 litres of water) or spraying Calixin 75 EC (5 ml/10 litres of water) at 15 days interval helps to control the disease.

What are the symptoms of tobacco mosaic virus?

Symptoms associated with TMV infections:

  • stunting.
  • mosaic pattern of light and dark green (or yellow and green) on the leaves.
  • malformation of leaves or growing points.
  • yellow streaking of leaves (especially monocots)
  • yellow spotting on leaves.
  • distinct yellowing only of veins.

What causes bean common mosaic virus?

The virus can infect few plants beside dry bean. The virus can be transmitted mechanically by plant-to-plant abrasion and equipment. The virus is disseminated among fields by viruliferous aphids, pollen, movement of contaminated seed, and by movement of contaminated equipment between fields.

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Is tobacco mosaic virus?

Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus species in the genus Tobamovirus that infects a wide range of plants, especially tobacco and other members of the family Solanaceae.

Tobacco mosaic virus
Class: Alsuviricetes
Order: Martellivirales
Family: Virgaviridae
Genus: Tobamovirus

What is the scientific name of cowpea aphid?

Genus: Potyvirus. Species: Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus.

What is bacterial blight of cowpea?

Common bacterial blight disease of cowpea, caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv phaseoli, has been identified as the most important biotic constraint to cowpea production worldwide. Continuous and indiscriminate application of chemical pesticides has necessitated the search for an environment friendly method of control.

Can you eat cucumbers with mosaic virus?

Yes, you can eat squash and melons that are infected with mosaic virus. These viruses are not harmful to humans and do not cause the fruit to rot. Often the discoloration is only skin deep. In cases where fruit are severely distorted, the texture of the fruit may be affected and may not be desirable for eating.

How can we prevent cucumber mosaic virus?


  1. Purchase virus-free plants.
  2. Maintain strict aphid control.
  3. Remove all weeds since these may harbor both CMV and aphids.
  4. Immediately set aside plants with the above symptoms and obtain a diagnosis.
  5. Discard virus infected plants.
  6. Disinfest tools used for vegetative propagation frequently.

Is mosaic virus harmful to humans?

“These viruses are specific to plants and do not harm humans. The presence of mosaic won’t cause fruits to rot prematurely but severely distorted fruit will have a different texture, so use your own judgement.”

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