How does twin needle sewing work?

Why does my twin needle skip stitches?

Often the reason for skipping stitches is that the needle does not fit the material. … There are special twin needles for knit fabrics, for woven fabrics, for jeans, for decorative embroidery stitches. 4. Sometimes the 2 thread spools should be unwinding in opposite directions.

Can you Backstitch with a twin needle?

Don’t backstitch or overlap your stitches. Leave long tails again before cutting. Give your hem a good tug. You’ll notice that the bobbin thread tails in particular may get a lot shorter.

Can I use a twin needle with a walking foot?

A walking foot, or dual feed, helps keep your fabric flat and prevents it from puckering. Also, when quilting, you can use your twin needle with a walking foot. It will help reduce the amount of stress on your needle. … The walking foot feeds your fabric evenly through your machine, so it is much easier to handle.

How do you stop a twin needle from tunneling?

If you are still struggling with tunneling using a stabiliser can also help. Place a washaway or tearaway stabilier under the fabric as you stitch then remove accordingly once finished. If using a tearaway stabiliser take care not to stretch the fabric when removing the stabiliser.

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