How is slub yarn constructed?

What is a slub yarn?

: a yarn with thick and thin sections alternating regularly or irregularly — compare slub.

Where is slub yarn used?

There are endless uses of slub yarn in our life, Slub yarn are used mainly in fashion industry, ready made garment industry, high-end shirting materials, value-added knitwear, home textiles, woolen knitting industry, furnishing industry and handicraft industry, etc., for creating eye catching designs in fabrics and …

What can I Knit with slub yarn?

When using slub yarn, we’d recommend working with a simple stitch rather than anything fancy as the yarn already has texture on its surface. Garter, stocking, rib and moss stitch all work fine and show up quite well when knitted in these lumpy fibres.

What is slub length?

Slub length is a key factor to the twist in the base yarn and the increase of the slub length will increase the twist level; the twist of the slub is always less than designed while the twist of basic yarn is always more than the designed.

What is Ratine yarn?

1 : a rough bulky fabric usually woven loosely in plain weave from ratiné yarns. 2 : a nubby ply yarn of various fibers made by twisting under tension a thick and a thin yarn.

What is a slub?

slub. noun. Definition of slub (Entry 2 of 2) : a soft thick uneven section in a yarn or thread.

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What is flock yarn?


Flocked yarn has a velvet appearance, with soft touch, high comfort, excellent moisture management and is able to absorb and reduce friction. … Main application field of flocked yarn is the automotive market. Textiles woven with flocked yarn are used as covers of car seats.